Spin A Yarn: OKC Storytelling Festival

storytelling festival


This summer with the legislature out of session, Oklahomans for the Arts, Inc., is a bit freed up to lend support to Oklahoma arts organizations! We’ll be helping out on the PR committee for the Oklahoma City Storytelling Festival.

From the Arts Council of Oklahoma City website:

This must-see festival celebrates the art of storytelling. For over 30 years, the Arts Council of Oklahoma City has produced the Oklahoma City Storytelling Festival, which has delighted audiences with nationally-acclaimed storytellers, workshops and special performances. Named one of the best places to hear or tell a tale, Storytelling Festival offers performances by some of the nation’s best tellers.

The Oklahoma City Storytelling Festival continues the tradition with three entertaining evening performances, a late-night session of ghost stories and professional workshops. The workshops can teach anyone to build better communication skills by exploring the world of storytelling. There are also kid-friendly events such as the family matinee and the Community Outreach Program, which provides free performances to at-risk youth. This year, the Oklahoma City Storytelling Festival will take place in a new venue, the Oklahoma History Center.

We’ll be sharing more information on our social networking accounts. Follow along as we explore the wonders of this age-old tradition: spinning yarns and telling tales.