August 16

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I’m up late on Tuesday putting together this blog, my list for Dave & Shawn on the True Oldies Channel and a crazy Spotify list for the music to be played before Pirate of the Caribbean at the Myriad Gardens tomorrow night. I’ve been doing this for three weeks. Forrest Gump and Shrek 2 were easy peezy but the soundtrack to Pirates is… well… just a bit dramatic with no rock n’ roll, no singing! So I decided to take it to the sea. Songs with sea, ocean, boats … turns out – it’s a pretty cool list: Under The Sea (Little Mermaid), Calypso (John Denver), Rock the Boat (The Hughes Corporation), Banana Boat (Harry Belefonte), Sea of Love (Honey Drippers & Phil Phillips), Sailing (Christopher Cross), Dreamboat Annie … oh my goodness it goes on! Here’s the playlist. I’m rather proud! My boyfriend requested I delete the ”The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” He said because it was a lake, not an ocean … and it’s really sad about a true story … so yep – edit!Here’s what I have for this week!

Wednesday, August 14

  • Mid Week Market presented by Tony’s Tree Plantation, Myriad Gardens, Sheridan Lawn, 4-8pm
  • Night Time Stories, Children’s Garden at the Myriad Gardens, 8pm
  • SONIC Summer Movies: Pirates of the CaribbeanMyriad Gardens Great Lawn, 9pm

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