The 3Ts of Economic Development: Talent, Technology and Tolerance

The Martin Prosperity Institute recently embarked on a project to determine how cities throughout the world are performing based on the three T’s of economic development: Talent, Technology and Tolerance, along with the fourth dimension, quality of place. he project, entitled Global Cities, resulted in a scorecard for a variety of world cities that provides a detailed examination of how each city is performing in the creative economy.

Click here to see the score card highlighting all 61 cities.

interactive map

Among the 61 cities are a dozen American cities including San Francisco, Seattle, Miami and Dallas. Tulsa and Oklahoma City were not included in the study.

Check out MPI’s interactive map. Click on a city (identified by number ranking) and review a profile summary. From there you can click on each individual city’s score card. For example, the report on Dallas is 11 pages. It includes the term Bohemians under the tolerance index (as in writers, artists and other creative types who may live unconventional lifestyles) as well as the quality of place index, which includes numbers of symphonies, ballet companies, operas, museums, etc.



Based on the study, Ottawa, Canada is now ranked first in the world for creative economy.