Member Minute: Barthelmes Foundation

Today’s Member Minute features the Barthelmes Foundation in Tulsa. The organization’s mission is to endow community support of the arts through the education of its children.

The story of the Barthelmes is a beautiful love story that is not just about a husband and wife, but about their love of art, music and children. Here is an excerpt from their website:

Hedwig (Hete) and Albert Barthlemes met while in costume at a masquerade party in their native Germany. When their masks were removed the beginning of a lifetime relationship of love and dedication to the performing arts was, unbeknownst to the young couple, on its way to fruition. At the time, Hitler was on the rise in Europe and the dream of Albert Barthelmes to become a part of the oil and gas industry in America seemined more and more at risk of being unobtainable. So, he left for the USA, but before doing so, he asked Hete to meet him there and to become his wife. Later, she boarded a ship of the White Star Line, with her chaperone, to come America. There she married Albert and begin her life as the wife of man who was destined to become a highly successful and innovative petroleum engineer specializing in seismic exploration.  Continue reading here.

Thank you, Barthelmes Foundation, for your support of Oklahomans for the Arts, Inc.