April 29


ACTION ALERT: Keep Public Funding for the Arts Strong


We need your voice to keep public funding for the arts strong in Oklahoma.

Our state arts agency, the Oklahoma Arts Council, benefits our entire state and should receive full funding for the next fiscal year.

Lawmakers need to hear from you now. The state is facing a $611M budget shortfall and all state agencies are facing cuts.

The Oklahoma Arts Council has already been asked to present contingency plans for 2.5% to 7.5% cuts, which would mean a loss of more than $283,000 for arts grants and education.

The Oklahoma Arts Council already has seen budget cuts of 26.4% since 2009.

We each, as Oklahomans for the Arts, must help our legislators see the positive impact of the Oklahoma Arts Council on our state and their own communities.

Will you write or call and tell them your story today and ask for full funding for the Oklahoma Arts Council? It only takes a few minutes.

Thank you for your work to improve our state with arts and culture!