50 Stories 50 Years: The Opry Heritage Foundation of Oklahoma

Olivia Kay, former Rising Star at the Rodeo Opry now starring in Kenny Roger's musical,

Olivia Kay, former Rising Star at the Rodeo Opry now starring in Kenny Roger’s musical, “Toy Shoppe”

Opry Heritage Foundation of Oklahoma – Oklahoma City   |  501(c)(3) Non-profit  |  http://www.ohfo.org/

Through the workshops, special shows, and other capacity building tools of the Artist Development Series, the Opry Heritage Foundation of Oklahoma provides musicians with all the information and experience necessary to choose their musical path and confidently walk through the doors that are opened for them.

The goal of the Artist Development Series is to educate, support and prepare Oklahoma artists for professional careers in the music industry, because their success as members of the arts world is a success for our state.

In the past, artists have felt the need to move to other music markets, cities, and states to pursue their music careers. These Oklahoma-based artists were drawn away feeling that Oklahoma had offered little support for their musical development and careers.

The Opry Heritage Foundation’s programs, however, are changing that.

The Artist Development Series begins the process of providing promising young artists the tools necessary to learn and grow. This will have an impact on the depth of culture that is captured by artists who might otherwise be drawn elsewhere, and it will have positive impacts on the long-term viability of an Oklahoma-based music industry.

The loss or decrease of funding for the arts in Oklahoma through the Oklahoma Arts Council would be a major loss for the state and for small non-profit organizations such as the Opry Heritage Foundation.

The level of musical talent to come out of our state is one of its great cultural legacies. Through the support of the Oklahoma Arts Council and the dedication of the Opry Heritage Foundation, Oklahomans can look forward to watching the growth and development of the next Reba, Garth Brooks and Carrie Underwood who will represent Oklahoma and the power of arts education.
This story celebrates 50 years of the Oklahoma Arts Council and how the state’s investments have positive ripple effects on communities across Oklahoma. See other stories or follow this link for more information.