50 Stories 50 Years: Metropolitan Library System

Moscow Nights at BI

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Oklahoma’s Metropolitan Library System believes in growing smarter communities through engaging experiences.

The experiences provided by Metro Library would not be possible without the support of the Oklahoma Arts Council.

The Oklahoma Arts Council has provided long range support to Metro Library and bolstered their work to connect library members across Oklahoma County with experiential learning opportunities.

The Metro Library’s Our World series gives members of Oklahoma County the opportunity to experience the arts and culture through music, dance and traditional stories from cultures around the world.

One of Metro Library’s recent and most popular Our World performances was Huun Huur Tu, a throat singing group from the small country of Tuva, a Russian Federation republic located on the border with Mongolia.

Beyond Huun Huur of Tuva, the support of the Oklahoma Arts Council has allowed Metro Library to provide such diverse artistic cultural experiences as dance from New Zealand and music from Australia, Iraq, and Peru.

Since 2004, over 28,000 participants have enjoyed the cultural variety offered by a myriad of performers from the United States and around the world.

Our World arts performances are compelling examples of the work accomplished through Oklahoma Arts Council funding and the dedication of local staff.


This story celebrates 50 years of the Oklahoma Arts Council and how the state’s investments have positive ripple effects on communities across Oklahoma. See other stories or follow this link for more information.